2017 Top Job Award from the New York Geothermal Association

Winning project

The objective of the GeoStar Top Job Competition is to highlight and recognize the incredible talent, creativity and imagination that exists in geothermal system designers and installers. Additionally, to communicate to those outside the industry the variety of ways that geothermal heat pump technology can be applied.

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Previous years winners:

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Top Job Projects

  1. Historical Residential Property with a Modern Addition
  2. Very Innovatitve Source of thermal energy to heat a school
  3. 250 Year Old Farmhouse that is Net-Zero ready
  4. Revitalized Commercial Building in a dense urban location
  5. Persistent homeowner who would not give up in spite of the challenges to install in a tight urban location
  6. Low-income multi-unit apartment complex that improves affordability as well as sustainability
  7. Or simply the Divinely Inspired Project

WINNING PROJECT - Low-income Multi-unit Apartment Complex

Click to read more about the winning project from The Buffalo News


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